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That inspiration we promised?
We’re sharing our favorite destinations that brought us back to that moment of …

“… I could stay here forever”

Speaking of staying here forever, we’ve joked about doing just that! Check out this beautiful little campground offering lakeside camping with mountain views, in Blue Ridge, GA.

We’ve been visiting Morganton Point Campground for several years, and it is still one of our favorite places to camp.

After staying here in the Spring, Summer, and Fall -multiple times a year, we’re sharing the most extensive collection of campsite photos, and the inside scoop on our FAVORITE and BEST campsites at Morganton Point Campground.

Hey Google, navigate to ...

When we’re traveling, our favorite destinations include a mix of both of our likes. We seek out areas that include hiking for Eric, and historic downtowns with shopping for Jen. Here’s where you’ll find a few of our favorite places to camp or visit. 

"Are you on youtube?"
- Sort of

Press play, we’re taking you with us!
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