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RV Living Travel Vlog: Season 1, Episode 3 (Lake Placid, NY)

Until next time … RV camping in Lake Placid, NY

What’s it like to live full-time in an RV?

Tell us about the last place you visited that you just didn’t want to leave?

This week captures our second week in Lake Placid. We originally planned to spend one week here, and then a week elsewhere, but changed our plans so that we could soak up the extra time in the high peaks region of the Adirondacks. 

Here’s what you can see in this episode:

||| A nod to one of our favorite movie quotes, that we tend to overuse and adapt to numerous situations in which it just doesn’t belong

||| Eric and Aska hike two high peaks: Cascade Mountain and Porter Mountain. You can check out the trail they took on AllTrails here:

||| Quick glimpse of Big Slide Brewery, where we visited not once, but twice – and stuffed ourselves with their charcuterie board and vegan buffalo chick’n pizza 

||| A slow and steady hitch up: Leaving the Adirondacks after two amazing weeks of reconnecting with this special place, felt heavy. We tend to “fast forward” the hitching up process, but it felt right to slow it down this time, because we were dragging our own feet … trying to hang on to the last few moments of our trip 

||| The “dad-est” statement ever? We rolled out of Lake Placid as the 2021 Iron Man Lake Placid was ramping up, and Eric dropped his go-to sentiment on our timing. 


What you won’t see: We had one of the funnest days doing a bit of an impromptu photo shoot. You will see two hints at this day. The first in the opening credits, where Jen has a bit of trouble zipping her jacket, and at the end of the trip footage. This is where we snuck in a few of our favorite views from our trip.

One of them happened to be easily accessible, and so Jen snuck a dress on, tucked up into her jacket and over her jeans, and we ran down the trail to the opening views of the mountains, where Eric played photographer while Jen posed awkwardly in front of strangers. We did it all so fast that we were laughing until our bellies hurt as we ran back down the trail towards the truck. 

So here we are. We’ve been on the road, living in our RV full-time for over a year, and now we’re inviting YOU to get lost with us – and join our adventures with weekly recaps! 

We’re getting better about jumping in front of the camera, so hang in there with us as we learn to get better with documenting our travels here. In the meantime – be sure to check out our other social media channels where we share often! 

Thanks for being here! 


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Episode Details 

Cascade and Porter Mountain Trail
Lake Placid / Whiteface Mountain KOA
Big Slide Brewery



Love Like This by Centerpiece (Soundstripe)
Acoustic Guitar Mellow Loop 3 by JHungerX (Envato Elements)



Dazed and Confused: Clip #1
Dazed and Confused: Clip #2