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A Not So Sunny Week of RV Life and Travel (RV Life Problems)

RV Life isn’t always sunny. We get our first RV flat tire.

Tell us about the last time you had one of “those” weeks? 

In our last video, we were on cloud 9 (almost literally) in the Adirondack Mountains. 

Once we left Lake Placid, we had to make 4 stops in 6 days, in order to make it to North Georgia in time for our annual family vacation. Naturally, when you are squeezing multiple travel days into a week, things tend to go wrong. 

Here’s what you can see in this episode:

Who wears the pants in your family? We’re a non-traditional household with Jen working and Eric doing the cooking and cleaning. Oh, and we live in a camper. See if you catch a sticking point for Jen. 

Is this some of the shoddiest RV parking you’ve seen? The things we do to avoid disconnecting for a one-night stay.

All roads closed? The battle between RV Trip Wizard and Google Maps has no clear winner. We couldn’t find our way to one of the campgrounds. 

This blows. Did you happen to watch our TPMS install? Let’s just say, it was in the nick of time. 


So here we are. We’ve been on the road, living in our RV full-time for over a year, and now we’re inviting YOU to get lost with us – and join our adventures with weekly recaps! 

We’re getting better about jumping in front of the camera, so hang in there with us as we learn to get better with documenting our travels here. In the meantime – be sure to check out our other social media channels where we share often! 

Thanks for being here! 


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Episode Details 

Canandaigua / Rochester KOA 

Kenisee Lake RV Campground… 

Lebanon / Cincinnati NE KOA  

Diamond Caverns RV Resort… 

Firestone Tire 



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This Week’s Features:

Early Riser by Andy Ellison 

Be Free With Me by Siine



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