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RV Decorating Ideas: 4 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

4 Tips to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

RV Decor Ideas to
Feel at Home

Whether you’re moving into your RV full-time or using it recreationally to travel on vacation, you can absolutely benefit from creating comfort in a tiny footprint.

In fact, residing in a space that encourages relaxation can actually reduce anxiety and help you focus on the ever-changing environment that may come with the RV lifestyle.

After living in our RV for the past two years, one thing that I have experienced firsthand is the importance of feeling peace, content, and at home in your small space and I was determined to turn our RV into just that. Beyond RV decorating ideas, we’re sharing the 4 foundational ways to make your RV feel more like home.

Jump Ahead:

While this may seem challenging when you downsize from a traditional house to a camper, I promise that it is possible.

Let me share what we’ve learned through our own journey, with you.

We took everything that we learned from our own experiences about how to turn an RV into a home, and broke it down into 4 categories, giving you the RV decorating ideas and inspiration to get started on your own!

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4 Ways to Elevate Your Camper Interior Decorating Ideas

One | Find Balance in "Camping Kitsch"

The temptation to purchase camping “everything” can be overwhelming when you first purchase an RV.

We’re talking things like enamel dinnerware, folding utensils, collapsible and stackable bowls, pans, and everything in between.

These types of items are very useful for specific camping situations, however:

  • They’re typically marked up and more expensive as “specialty items”

  • They were created for the outdoors lifestyle and not with the “comfort of home” in mind

This isn’t to say you won’t find value in some of these items, and you may even find products that provide you with solutions you didn’t expect, but finding the balance between the niche items and comfort items will make a big impact.

Here are some options to consider when shopping for your RV decorating ideas:

  • Melamine or bamboo plates are great options that come in a variety of patterns vs. enamel campware

  • Decorative plastic/acrylic drinking glasses or carefully packed ceramic mugs vs. metal cups

  • Small appliances: Bring things like your coffee maker from home, Sodastream, etc. to maintain some of your routines vs. single-serve beverages

  • Compromise where it makes sense for your needs – considering ease of use, weight, and overall aesthetic that you are hoping to accomplish



Enamel campware is a great option for outdoor dining options, but they may not contribute to the feeling of “home” that you are looking for.


Melamine plates are lightweight, durable plastic, and can be found in a variety of patterns that add a touch of personalization to your space.

Two | Use Textiles to Create Warmth in Your RV

RVs are manufactured as recreational vehicles that are most often used to travel between outdoor destinations in the camping lifestyle.

For this reason, in its stock form with wall-to-wall vinyl, textured wallpaper, and lightweight countertops, your RV probably feels quite empty and cold.

One of the easiest ways to add warmth to your tiny space is by adding, and layering textiles.

Here are some of the textiles to consider buying to decorate RV:

Rugs: Low-pile rugs are a great option for adding warmth to your RV because they’re typically easier to keep clean than a high-pile, or shaggy rug.

Not only do they add visual warmth, but they will also keep your toes warm on chilly days.

Throw Blankets: Lightweight fleece, sherpa, or knit throws can be used in a number of ways throughout your RV. Drape them over the corner of your couch or recliners to give them a visual boost, over the back of a chair, or across the end of your bed.

As a bonus, you can repurpose the blankets on travel days by using them to add padding between items.

Decorative Pillows: Like throw blankets, pillows can be added to your couch or recliners, set against the backs of chairs, or added to your bedding for a pop of color and texture.



One way to use pillows to make your space feel “lived in”, is by mixing the patterns and layering them in different sizes and shapes.

RV Decor Ideas Replacing Couch

Additional textiles to consider:

  • Linen napkins: A more sustainable option over paper napkins, and with so many styles to choose from to add a personal touch

  • Tablecloth: Using a tablecloth or runner on your dining table can dress up your space with color

  • Turkish towels: Lightweight towels that are more durable and absorbent than traditional bath towels, and come in fun and trendy patterns

Prolong the life of your Turkish Towels with proper care and maintenance.

Get started with tips from our blog: 4 Tips to Care for Turkish Towels

Three | RV Mattress Replacement and bedding upgrades are key

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our mental and physical health, and it’s even more important when putting yourself into situations outside of your comfort zone, like traveling in an RV to new destinations.

RV manufacturers typically include a generic mattress with the purchase of a new RV. But have you tried to sleep on that mattress? It’s usually very thin, very basic, and very uncomfortable.

One of the first things you can do to make your RV feel like home is to upgrade your bedding


Most RVs are equipped to accommodate either an RV Queen or RV King-sized mattress, which are typically shorter than traditional mattress sizing.

There are several options available to upgrade to, and searching for RV mattresses, or “short” mattress will help you find a mattress to better fit your needs.


Mattress Topper:
If you choose not to upgrade the mattress right away, a great alternative would be to add a mattress topper.

Many foam toppers can be trimmed down to fit the shorter mattress size, and you can customize your sleeping experience with options that have built-in cooling or varying levels of firmness.

Want your RV bedroom decor to feel like home?
Bring 'home' to your RV

If you sleep best with a down comforter and satin sheets, then you would find the most comfort in building your bedding the same way.

There are several options for sheets that are specific to RV mattress sizing however you can also fit your mattress with standard sheets by sizing down one size. We use full-size linen sheets on our RV queen mattress because they are just super cozy.

Bonus #1

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Four | Personalize your RV with Sentimental Items

Bringing sentimental items into your RV can truly make it feel like your home

According to psychologist Sam Gosling, we can organize the things in our homes into categories. “The first (category), is identity claims. Photographs, music records, the art we choose — these are the items that we believe represent our values.” Gosling says, noting that as humans, being understood is one of the most prioritized subconscious needs, so we decorate our homes to reflect the self.

Here are some ideas to consider when choosing sentimental items as part of your RV decorating ideas:

  • Photographs and Art: It’s absolutely possible to hang picture frames and art in your RV, especially with Command Strips. These removable velcro strips are a great option to hang wall decor without making holes in the walls. Choose lightweight frames when possible, and consider removing the glass or replacing it with acrylic instead.

  • Music: Consider bringing a Bluetooth speaker that you can use both inside and outside by the campfire, to carry your favorite tunes with you wherever you go.

    With most other ‘extras’, compromise when needed to bring the things that are most important to you. If you have a vinyl collection and a record player that brings you great joy, you won’t regret making an effort to make space for it in your RV.

  • Keepsakes: Only you will be able to determine what truly makes sense when it comes to bringing keepsakes along with you on your RV adventure. Keep in mind that no matter how well you pack things away in your RV, travel days can always bring unexpected bumps in the road. Maybe skip Great Grandma’s porcelain and opt for the wooden Mallard that was passed down, instead.

  • Plants + Fresh Cut Flowers: Not only do most house plants increase air quality, which is vital in tiny spaces, but there is often a sentimental attachment to plants and fresh flowers alike.

"As humans, being understood is one of the most prioritized subconscious needs, so we decorate our homes to reflect the self."

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As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, whether you are living in your RV full-time, or preparing it to head out on an epic trip – not only is it possible to make your RV feel like home, but it is incredibly beneficial to your health to reside in comforting surroundings.

We truly hope that you found this post helpful and inspiring, and we wish you safe and happy travels in your tiny home on wheels!

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