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Decor for Your RV: 10 Easy Steps to DIY Macramé Fall Leaves

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The temp has dropped into the 70s here in Florida, and that means just one thing… it’s Fall, y’all! And it is time to break out the decor for your RV.

Naturally, I immediately asked Eric to grab the “pumpkin tote” from storage. That conversation went a little like:

Eric: “What does this pumpkin tote look like?”
Jen: “You know, it’s a plastic tote that looks like the other 75 totes in storage and it’s filled with pumpkins”

And so, I don’t have that bin of pumpkins.

DIY Fall Macramé Leaves - Perfect Decor for Your RV

Lucky for me (and Eric…and the missing pumpkin bin), I just so happened to partner with a group of pretty incredible RV Lifestyle Bloggers to put together a Fall Blogger Round-Up of recipes and DIY crafts!

This was the perfect way to get into all the Fall feels, with or without my missing bin of pumpkins, and all of the crafts make great options when it comes to decor for your RV.

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10 Steps to DIY Fall Macremé Leaves Decor for your RV

Are you ready to add a touch of fall decor to your RV?

This project is great for beginners and takes around 20 minutes to make one leaf or approximately 2-3 hours to complete the project (depending on the size).

Materials you'll need to make Macramé Leaves

Cotton Cord 3-4mm (I used: Brick Red, Coffee, and Dark Brown)
Painters Tape
Comb and/or Dog Brush
Branch/Bamboo Dowel (optional)


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♬ Coffee for Your Head - Vinyll

30 Second Video Tutorial - How to Make Macramé Leaves

Want a quick preview of the steps?

Check out this quick 30-second video to see the steps in action – or keep scrolling for 10 Easy Steps to make all your boho decor for your RV dreams come true with these Fall Macramé Leaves!

10 Steps to DIY Fall Macramé Leaves

Step 1.jpg


1. Determine your desired length and cut a piece of cord to twice that length (if you aren’t sure where to start, I would recommend approximately 24 inches). You will fold the cord in half and tape the top and bottom to a solid, stable surface.

Step 3.jpg


2. Cut smaller pieces of cord that will make up the leaf. A good reference would be to make each one match the width of the leaf – or 4-6 inches each. You will want approximately 40 of these pieces.


3. You will loop the cord in half and place the small loop under the taped down cord as pictured. You will then make a second small loop with the loop pointed the opposite direction.

Step 6.jpg


4. At this point you will layer the small loops so that the loose ends of the loop that started under the long string are on top of the loop portion of the top loop, and the loose ends of the top loop are under the looped end of the bottom loop, and then pull the loose ends through each side of the loop.


5. Repeat this step, sliding the tightened knots up the string, close together to each other


6. You will repeat these steps until your strings are the approximate length of the desired leaf size


7. Using scissors, you will now trim the strings into more of a leaf shape. This does not need to be perfect as you will still brush out the cords, and will make additional trims.


8. Using a comb or dog brush, you will start to brush out the cord. Start at the ends, and slowly work your way inward.

Step 12.jpg


9. Once you have brushed the cord out to your desired texture, you will want to do one final trim


10. Optional – follow the directions to apply Stiffen Quick to help maintain the shape of your new leaf.

Step 15.jpg
Wrap the cord around a branch or bamboo, to your desired length. Add additional leaves to your liking and enjoy!
Hang your new Macramé Fall Leaves either on their own, or wrapped around an aged branch. 
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We'd love to hear from you!

I would love to see your take on these beautiful Fall Macramé Fall Leaves! Tag me on Instagram @stairsuphandlein so I can check them out! What other decorating ideas for your RV are you interested in? We’ve been obsessing over macrame everything since it really makes the best decor for your RV. It is so lightweight and easy to store!

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How to DIY Macrame Leaves

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