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RV Living Travel Vlog: Season 1, Episode 1

Join us as we travel to the Catskill Mountains, in New York State!

We’ve been on the road, living in our RV full-time for over a year, and now we’re inviting YOU to get lost with us – and join our adventures with weekly recaps!

In our first recap, we visit the Catskill Mountains in New York. It was a rainy week and our campsite was muddy, but nothing prepared us for the surprise that this campground had in store for us!

See what surprised us, check out some beautiful views from the State Preserve and find out where we just had to go not once or twice, but three times during the week.

We’re getting better about jumping in front of the camera, so hang in there with us as we learn to get better with documenting our travels here. In the meantime – be sure to check out our other social media channels where we share often!

Thanks for being here!

Episode Details
Rondout Valley RV Campground
Minnewaska State Park Preserve
Arrowood Farms