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RV Bathroom Storage Ideas to Increase Your Space (+ 7 Essential Tips)

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas and Tips

Can I share a funny story before we jump in to RV bathroom storage ideas?

Once upon a time, Eric talked me into camping in a tent. Me. In a tent. It was a small tent that required crouching down to get dressed. A small tent that I can still very clearly recall the morning where I was sitting cross-legged on an air mattress, balancing my compact mirror on my knee while trying to apply eyeliner. It was not pretty.

Let’s just say that we upgraded to our first camper shortly after, and I quickly realized that if I was going to move my stock of eyeliner in – I was going to have to tackle the RV bathroom storage.

Let's Talk RV Bathroom Storage + Organization

Here’s the thing. Not all RV Bathrooms are created the same, but – I want to share some tips with you that can help with your RV bathroom storage, and really could be used to organize whatever type of bathroom space that you have.

Jump Ahead

RV Bathroom Storage - Things to Consider

Before you begin organizing any space or even looking for storage ideas for RV bathrooms, you may want to consider a couple of decision points that will likely guide the outcome of your project.

  1. How do you use your RV? 
    Are you a recreational camper or do you live in it full-time? If you are using it recreationally, you will likely be packing and unpacking some items more often than not – and if you are living in it full-time, you may need to store more products than usual.

  2. Aesthetics vs. Functionality (or both)
    If you’ve watched even one episode of The Home Edit, you would know that you can indeed have both. Consider the space you are organizing and how important it is to you for it to be aesthetically pleasing as this can play into decision-making about the type of storage you use.

RV Bathroom Organization Ideas.jpg

Now that you have a good baseline for the approach that will work best for you, here are some steps to help you tackle RV bathroom storage.

  1. Evaluate the space you are working with: How can you optimize it? Is there space that you can use above, below, or behind?

  2. Remove everything from the space, and compile all of the items you need to store

  3. Declutter and eliminate any outdated or unused items

  4. Sort items into categories: consider like items, like sizes, or the process of how the items are used (ex. your skincare routine)

  5. Clean the space, and take this opportunity to touch up paint or add decorative accents, etc. (ex. using peel and stick wallpaper to dress up backs of cabinet walls)

  6. Measure. And then measure again. Once you have a good idea of what items will be grouped together, taking measurements of the space will help you decide what types of containers will fit. TIP: Take photos of the space, even with the measuring tape in view so you can reference them when shopping for storage ideas for RV bathrooms

  7. Play Tetris! Test out different options, organizing the items and containers until you find the best solution that works for your needs (Spoiler alert: it took me a month of Tetris to find what worked for me)

RV Bathroom Storage Solutions That We Use

Here are some of the ways we’ve used storage in our own RV Bathroom that may inspire your organization project.

Narrow, clear acrylic shelves add RV bathroom storage space up and down – while keeping a clean, streamlined look. Perfect for smaller items like makeup.


How we use it in our RV Bathroom

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas to Increase Your Space (+ 7 Essential Tips)

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With long narrow open shelving, we use magazine storage to house backstock products.

They also serve as a great reminder that you can repurpose items, not limiting your search to ‘storage ideas for RV bathrooms’.


These containers fit back behind the towels – out of view but full of goods.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas to Increase Your Space (+ 7 Essential Tips)

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Round up small items like Q-tips and cotton balls in lightweight, acrylic containers with lids.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas Cotton Balls

These containers are a great size to fit into the narrow openings of RV cabinets

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Tall, narrow pen holders make great options to store makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and more!

IMG_1488.jpgAnother reason to search beyond just storage ideas for RV bathrooms.

RV Bathroom Storage Ideas to Increase Your Space (+ 7 Essential Tips)

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Using a tension rod and hanging baskets, you can create an abundance of storage space in your shower area.



We get questions all the time about these baskets when people are searching for RV decorating ideas on our Instagram.

We have been using them for almost 3 years now and still love them!

(It’s a bonus that it gave me extra space to add just one more plant to the rig.)

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Maximizing the Space You Have


RV Bathroom Storage Idea.JPG

Maximize the space you have to work with by using hooks to hang hair ties, bracelets, etc.


These are just some of the ways that we have optimized the space in our RV Bathroom and hope even one of these tips will help you when it comes to camper organization!

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We'd love to hear from you!

 What other RV bathroom storage ideas do you have? Did you find our list helpful? Let us know, and be sure to share how they worked for you!

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RV Bathroom Storage Ideas to Increase Your Space (+ 7 Essential Tips)